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Texas Silvicultural BMP Implementation and Water Resource Protection Project

Project Goals/Objectives: This project will minimize impacts to water quality from silvicultural NPS pollution by providing technical assistance, education, outreach, and training on BMPs. Project activities will be coordinated with numerous cooperators to help ensure project success. It will also aim to address water resource issues throughout the state, drawing largely on the principles, concepts, and experience gained through almost three decades of mitigating NPS pollution in East Texas.

Results from BMP implementation monitoring provide a clear assessment of project effectiveness, as well as identify where future efforts should be initiated. Based on previously conducted monitoring, focused BMP workshops have been developed. As a result, BMP implementation in these areas has improved. This project will monitor voluntary BMP implementation by conducting 150 assessments of randomly selected silvicultural operations. Results will be shared through a final report and interactive web application.

Project Location: Statewide

Project Costs: Federal: ($421,528) Non-Federal Match: ($342,294) Total: ($763,822)

Project Partners: Texas A&M Forest Service, Texas Forestry Association, Texas Logging Council

Project Workplan: 18-03

Project Final Report: 18-03


"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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