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Soil and Water Conservation Assistance


The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) was created in 1939, by the Texas Legislature to organize the state into soil conservation districts where there was a

Public Information and Education


The purpose of the public information/education program is to provide leadership and coordination of information/education programs relating to the agency and district programs,

Water Quality Management Plan


A water quality management plan (WQMP) is a site-specific plan developed through and approved by soil and water conservation districts for agricultural or silvicultural lands.

On The Ground Conservation Program


The On The Ground Conservation Program was created by Senate Bill 1118 during the 87th Texas Legislative Session and was signed into law by the Governor to be

Texas Nonpoint Source Management Program


The federal Clean Water Act (CWA) requires States to develop a program to protect the quality of water resources from the adverse effects of nonpoint source (NPS) water pollution

Water Supply Enhancement Program


Scarcity and competition for water have made sound water planning and management increasingly important.

Rio Grande Carrizo Cane Eradication Program


In order to help meet the Governor’s border security priorities, the 84th Texas Legislature, in 2015, directed the TSSWCB, through Senate Bill 1734, to develop and implement a pr

Invasive Species


Per HB 865:“Invasive species" means a species that is not native to an ecosystem and whose introduction to the ecosystem causes or is likely to cause economic harm, environme

Water Quality Complaint Resolution


The TSSWCB is responsible for investigating and resolving water quality complaints resulting from agricultural or silvicultural nonpoint sources (unregulated)

TSSWCB State Grants

Overview of TSSWCB State Grants

Section 403.0245, Government Code, requires a state agency that awards state grants in an amount greater than $25,000 make available to the public on their w

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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