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Statewide Delivery of the Texas Well Owner Network


Project Goals/Objectives: This project will extend statewide implementation of the TWON program. Watersheds and aquifers will be selected in collaboration with the TSSWCB and with input from other interested groups including groundwater conservation districts (GCDs), County Extension Agents (CEAs), river authorities and Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs). Many of the watersheds and aquifers selected are described in the Texas NPS Management Program or identified as impaired in the 2012 Texas Integrated Report. Through this individual project, (30) "Well Educated" programs of 4-6 hours and (30) "Well Informed" programs of 1-2 hours will be delivered.

Project Background:The Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) is a Statewide project designed to deliver a science-based, community-responsive education curriculum. The TWON will focus on protecting groundwater quality and aquifer integrity, but also will complement the successful Texas Watershed Stewards program by emphasizing BMPs addressing potential contamination of surface water by sources also contaminating private domestic and irrigation wells and jeopardizing aquifer integrity. The TWON will train Texans regarding water quality and BMPs for protecting their wells and surface waters, which will avert off-site transport of contaminants (bacteria and nutrients) to surface waters, prevent contamination of underlying aquifers, and safeguard the health of landowners and their families. As a result, this program will support on-going watershed protection planning efforts being conducted by TSSWCB and others by expanding the reach of these programs to additional audiences and resulting in greater implementation of BMPs for water quality improvement and protection.

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Past Projects: 10-0413-08, 17-56

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