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Recreational Use Attainability Analysis for Mid Pecan Bayou

Project Goals/Objectives: This project will collect data to evaluate factors affecting attainment of recreational use in Mid Pecan Bayou (Segment 1431). Possible sources of bacteria will be assessed by developing a comprehensive GIS inventory, evaluating historical water quality data, and conducting a watershed source survey. To ensure decision-making is founded on local input and that watershed action is successful, public participation and stakeholder interaction will be a critical component of this project.

Project Background: The Mid Pecan Bayou watershed is largely rural, though the northwest area of the watershed includes portions of the City of Brownwood. Willis Creek, the most upstream tributary to Mid Pecan Bayou, receives the discharge from the City of Brownwood Wastewater Treatment Facility and also provides drainage for a portion of Brownwood. This segment of Pecan Bayou is located in Brown County basically south of the City of Brownwood. Road crossings are far between on this 13 mile creek segment, and the only two road crossings are FM 2126 and CR 257. The land adjacent to Mid Pecan Bayou reflects the rural nature of the watershed with a wooded riparian zone of variable width existing along almost its entire length and cultivated fields, improved pasture and range/wooded areas predominating outside the riparian zone

This project consists of performing a Comprehensive RUAA on Mid Pecan Bayou (Segment 1431) for the purpose of ascertaining the level of recreational use occurring in the bayou. This project will adhere to the procedures provided in the TCEQ Procedures for a Comprehensive RUAA and a Basic RUAA Survey.

This Comprehensive RUAA of Mid Pecan Bayou consists of 3 main tasks: a) conducting the required two surveys of Mid Pecan Bayou, b) public participation and stakeholder interaction and c) evaluation of historical bacterial water quality data and survey of possible bacteria sources.

Project Location: Mid Pecan Bayou (Segment 1431)

Project Costs: Federal ($0); State ($121,443); Total Project ($121,443)

Project Participation: TSSWCB, Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Stephenville, and Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research

Project Workplan: 10-53

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 10-53 

Final Reports:

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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