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Maintaining Sediment Prevention Through Repair of Floodwater Retarding Structures in McCulloch County

Project Goals/Objectives: To provide coordinated assessment between the TSSWCB, the McCulloch Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), and Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), with respect to implementation, and restoration of water quality in the Brady Creek and Deep Creek Watersheds located within McCulloch County. Repair floodwater retarding structures in McCulloch County.  Compileinformation on the repair success concerning the floodwater retarding structures.  

Project Location: McCulloch County, Texas; Segment 1410, 1416, and 1416A

Project Costs: Federal ($338,398); Non-Federal Match ($22,790); Total Project ($361,188)

Project Workplan:  01-21

Quality Assurance Project Plan:  01-21

Project Final Report:  01-21

Project Participant(s):  TSSWCB, McCulloch SWCD, Baylor University, and Natural Resources Conservation Service

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