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Improving Runoff Water Quality from Small Pork Production Facilities Using Vegetative Treatment Areas

Project Goals/Objectives: The goal of this project is to continue to evaluate VTA effectiveness at small pork operations and transfer findings to natural resource agencies and pork producers. 

Project Location: Big Elm Creek in Bell County, Wickson Creek in Brazos County, Little Brazos River in Robertson County

Project Costs: State Funds ($28,697)

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB, USDA-ARS, Grassland, Soil and Water Research Laboratory, Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas A&M Soil & Aquatic Microbiology Lab, Cooperating Pork Producers

Project Workplan: 16-50

Project Quality Assurance Project Plan(s): 16-50 

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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