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Development of the Plum Creek Watershed Protection Plan

Project Goals/Objectives: The purpose of this project is to provide an assessment of existing and potential water quality threats in the Plum Creek Watershed, to coordinate the development of a Watershed Protection Plan (WPP), and to facilitate beginning phases of implementation.

The 2004 Inventory and List identifies the upper reaches of Plum Creek (Segment 1810) as exceeding the contact recreation standard criterion for E. coli bacteria. The lower reaches of Plum Creek have concerns for nutrients (ammonia, nitrate+nitrite nitrogen, and total phosphorous). The TSSWCB Wharton Regional Watershed Coordination Steering Committee selected the Plum Creek Watershed for WPP development in December 2005 from a list of prioritized watersheds within the Wharton Region service area. The project began in April 2006 with three public meetings to introduce the WPP and engage stakeholders within the watershed in the process. The Plum Creek Watershed Partnership involves a steering committee and five workgroups, which have had monthly meetings since May 2006. In July 2006, sixty-four stakeholders toured the watershed to view the diverse land use and potential sources of water quality pollution.

In February 2008, the Plum Creek Watershed Protection Plan was finalized and is available on the project's website. The project will now begin implementing management measures listed in the WPP.

Project Location: Plum Creek Watershed, Segment 1810

Project Costs: Federal ($440,503); Non-Federal Match ($294,028); Total Project ($734,531)

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and Texas AgriLife Research


Project Workplan: 04-17

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 04-17

Plum Creek Watershed Protection Plan

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