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Continued Coordination of the Leon River Watershed Protection Plan Implementation

Problem/Need Statement

The Leon River watershed, located in the Brazos River Basin, is bound by Proctor Lake upstream and Belton Lake downstream. The Leon River (Segment 1221) is approximately 190 miles long and the watershed is approximately 1,375 square miles covering portions of Comanche, Bell, Erath, Hamilton, and Coryell Counties. A small portion of the watershed lies within Mills County. The Leon River watershed is a predominantly rural, agricultural watershed dominated by rangeland with some cropland. Forests also cover a sizable amount of the watershed. A significant amount of dairy production also exists in the northern portion of the watershed.

Project Narrative

Through a local presence in watershed, the watershed coordinator will serve as the primary conduit for interaction with landowners, citizens, and entities to facilitate the implementation of the WPP. The watershed coordinator will coordinate meetings with the Leon River WSC and stakeholders, to update them, seek their input and recommendations on needed activities, and continue to support and facilitate implementation efforts of the plan. The watershed coordinator will assist the cities, counties, local boards and businesses to acquire resources to enable WPP implementation. The watershed coordinator will work with state and federal agencies, as appropriate, to bring technical and financial assistance to the watershed.

Project Costs: $55,231

Project Workplan: 17-54

Final Report: 17-54

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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