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BMPs to Reduce Nitrate Impacts in Ground Water and to Assess Atrazine and Arsenic Occurrences in Private Water Wells

Project Goals/Objectives: Demonstrate the effectiveness of winter cover crops in removing nitrate-nitrogen from the soil profile to minimize nitrate leaching; Demonstrate the ability of zeolite to reduce atrazine and arsenic concentrations in water; Assess the extent of atrazine and arsenic detections in private groundwater in the Seymour and Ogallala Aquifers.

Project Location: The Texas High Plains (Ogallala Aquifer) and Texas Rolling Plains (Seymour Aquifer)

Project Costs: Federal ($98,341); Non-Federal Match ($118,113); Total ($216,454)

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB and Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Project Workplan: 03-08

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 03-08

Project Final Report: 03-08

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