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Soil Phosphorus Projects

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Field Validation of the Texas Phosphorus Index

Project Goals/Objectives: Determine the effects of selected soil properties in the Bosque and Leon River watersheds to measure and predict phosphorus runoff; Compare and correlate different soil test and soil solution soluble phosphorus extracts to runoff phosphorus; Validate and/or modify Texas Phosphorus Index as a predictive tool for classification of field sites relative to phosphorus loss potential.

Project Location: Leon River (Segment 1221) and North Bosque River (Segments 1255 and 1226)

PLAN for Tomorrow: Poultry Litter Application on New Sites

Project Goals/Objectives: Educate 3rd party applicators of poultry litter to the environmental benefits of using proper application management techniques beginning on Day 1 of application on new sites; Demonstrate that poultry litter can be land applied in an environmentally friendly manner that supplies necessary crop nutrients without increasing nutrient levels in runoff and that multiple objectives (such as: profitability, resource utilization, and water quality protection) can be met with this fertilization strategy.