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Poultry Projects

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Environmental Effects of In-House Windrow Composting of Poultry Litter

Project Goals/Objectives: This project will demonstrate the environmental effects of treating poultry litter using In-House Windrow Composting (IWC). The effect of IWC-treated litter on runoff water quality when the litter is land applied will be assessed as well as other benefits of this practice. Data is needed to evaluate parameters such as nutrient load and solubility and E. coli content in runoff water from land upon which IWC-treated poultry litter has been applied. It is anticipated that the IWC procedure should eliminate most E.

Implementation Support Project in the Sam Rayburn Reservoir and Toledo Bend Reservoir Watersheds

Project Goals/Objectives: Foster coordinated technical assistance activities; Provide technical and financial assistance to landowners to aid in the development, implementation, and/or maintenance of Water Quality Management Plans (WQMPs); Map the location and types of WQMPs and Best Management Practices (BMPs) implemented.

Project Location: Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend Reservoirs, Segment 0610 and 0504

Project Costs: Federal ($350,000); Non-Federal Match ($233,334); Total ($583,334)

PLAN for Tomorrow: Poultry Litter Application on New Sites

Project Goals/Objectives: Educate 3rd party applicators of poultry litter to the environmental benefits of using proper application management techniques beginning on Day 1 of application on new sites; Demonstrate that poultry litter can be land applied in an environmentally friendly manner that supplies necessary crop nutrients without increasing nutrient levels in runoff and that multiple objectives (such as: profitability, resource utilization, and water quality protection) can be met with this fertilization strategy.