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North Bosque River Projects

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Assessment of Bacterial Sources Impacting Lake Waco and Belton Lake

Project Goals/Objectives: The objective of this project was to develop publicly available and comprehensively characterized genetic fingerprint and antibiotic resistance libraries of unique E. coli bacteria isolates for determining the animal or human NPS contamination of surface water. These BST libraries were applied to classify E. coli isolated from ambient water samples from Lake Waco and Lake Belton and their main tributaries, the Bosque and Leon Rivers, to identify the likely sources of bacterial contamination.

Composting Support Project in the Bosque River Watershed

Project Goals/Objectives: This project will provide additional funding for the ongoing composting activities in the North Bosque and Leon River watersheds. The project will continue to provide technical assistance to composters and dairy operations in order to aid in the development of a marketable-composted product. Financial assistance will be provided to Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) approved contract haulers in order to offset the cost of transportation of raw manure from dairies to the compost facility(s).

Field Validation of the Texas Phosphorus Index

Project Goals/Objectives: Determine the effects of selected soil properties in the Bosque and Leon River watersheds to measure and predict phosphorus runoff; Compare and correlate different soil test and soil solution soluble phosphorus extracts to runoff phosphorus; Validate and/or modify Texas Phosphorus Index as a predictive tool for classification of field sites relative to phosphorus loss potential.

Project Location: Leon River (Segment 1221) and North Bosque River (Segments 1255 and 1226)

Improving Water Quality by Developing, Implementing, and Field Testing Innovative Methods

Project Goals/Objectives: Evaluate up to six technologies for decreasing nonpoint source pollution and improving surface water quality, through on-site demonstrations of reduction of total and soluble phosphorus in dairy effluent applied to waste application fields.

Project Location: North Bosque River, Segments 1226 and 1255

Project Costs: Federal ($227,793); Non-Federal Match ($173,336); Total Project ($401,129)

Microwatershed-Based Approach to Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality in the North Bosque River Watershed

Project Goals/Objectives: This project is designed to assess continuing reductions in agricultural nonpoint source (NPS) pollution associated with Implementation Plan (I-Plan) activities for two total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for the North Bosque River (NBR).

Monitoring Effectiveness of Nonpoint Source Nutrient Management in the North Bosque River Watershed

Project Goals/Objectives: To provide targeted surface water quality data for evaluating the effectiveness of agricultural NPS pollution abatement efforts associated with I-Plan activities for two phosphorus TMDLs in the North Bosque River watershed.

Project Location: North Bosque River Watershed within Erath, Hamilton, Bosque, Somervell, McLennan and Coryell Counties

Project Costs: Federal: $450,412; Non-Federal: $300,175; Total: $750,587

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB, TIAER, BRA, and TCEQ

Wastewater/ Manure Management System Demonstration: Edge-of-Field Monitoring

Project Goals/Objectives: This project will monitor and evaluate the phosphorus reduction capabilities of a state of the art methane digester installed on a dairy facility in the North Bosque River watershed operating in conjunction with a comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP). Edge-of-field monitoring will be initiated to determine the level of phosphorus reduction associated with the wastewater that has undergone treatment using methane digester technology and applied in accordance with the dairy's CNMP.