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Groundwater Projects

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BMPs to Reduce Nitrate Impacts in Ground Water and to Assess Atrazine and Arsenic Occurrences in Private Water Wells

Project Goals/Objectives: Demonstrate the effectiveness of winter cover crops in removing nitrate-nitrogen from the soil profile to minimize nitrate leaching; Demonstrate the ability of zeolite to reduce atrazine and arsenic concentrations in water; Assess the extent of atrazine and arsenic detections in private groundwater in the Seymour and Ogallala Aquifers.

Project Location: The Texas High Plains (Ogallala Aquifer) and Texas Rolling Plains (Seymour Aquifer)

Identify and Characterize NPS Bacteria Pollution to Support Implementation of Bacteria TMDLs in the Oso Bay Watershed

Project Goals/Objectives: To provide information on nonpoint sources of Enterococci in the upstream portions of Oso Creek to support development of the TMDL and targeting of implementation activities.

Preventing Water Quality Contamination Through the Texas Well Owner Network

Project Goals/Objectives: The Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) is a Statewide project designed to deliver a science-based, community-responsive education curriculum. The TWON will focus on protecting groundwater quality and aquifer integrity, but also will complement the successful Texas Watershed Stewards program by emphasizing BMPs addressing potential contamination of surface water by sources also contaminating private domestic and irrigation wells and jeopardizing aquifer integrity.

Seymour Aquifer Water Quality Improvement Project

The Seymour Aquifer is a shallow aquifer in Northwest Central Texas and the only major source of groundwater in Haskell, Jones, and Knox Counties. The aquifer underlies over 300,000 acres and furnishes drinking and domestic water for many rural families. In addition, over 3,000 wells furnish water for irrigation and livestock use. The State of Texas has identified elevated nitrate levels as a concern in Haskell, Knox, and Jones Counties.

Statewide Delivery of the Texas Well Owner Network

Project Goals/Objectives: This project will continue statewide implementation of the TWON program. Watersheds and aquifers will be selected in collaboration with the TSSWCB and with input from other interested groups including groundwater conservation districts (GCDs), County Extension Agents (CEAs), river authorities and Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs). Many of the watersheds and aquifers selected are described in the Texas NPS Management Program or identified as impaired in the 2012 Texas Integrated Report.