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Best Management Practice Effectiveness Monitoring Projects

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Coordinating Facilitation and Implementation of the Attoyac Bayou Watershed Protection Plan and Monitoring Implementation Effectiveness

The watershed coordinator will also focus on facilitating and supporting effective implementation of the WPP. This will be accomplished by continuing to work with watershed stakeholders to identify specific implementation needs across the watershed. Support will also be provided to assist stakeholders acquire the needed funds to implement the plan. Maintaining contact with parties implementing aspects of the WPP and documenting implementation success will also be critical. This successful implementation of the plan will also be relayed to watershed stakeholders and agencies alike.

Surface Water Quality Monitoring to Support the Implementation of the Lampasas River Watershed Protection Plan

Project Goals/Objectives: The goals of this project are one, generate data of known and acceptable quality for surface water quality monitoring of mainstem and tributary stations on the Lampasas River. Two, support the implementation of the Lampasas River WPP by collecting water quality data for use in evaluating the effectiveness of BMPs and in assessing water quality improvement.